Will NFT Games Win Over Traditional Games?

Will NFT Games Win Over Traditional Games?

If you are a gamer who has been gaming for a long time, think of the first game you played and then the game you are playing now. Can you see how much the games have evolved? With time and technology, games have evolved and improved significantly. This is mainly because the gaming community has always been supportive of new upgrades and changes.

As an industry that is predominantly dependent on the community, the developers also strive to provide a wholesome ecosystem for the gamers. The new development in the field of gaming is the NFT games. NFT games have changed the way games are perceived so far. While gamers have found comfort in traditional games, will NFT games soon win over traditional games? Read further to understand.

Traditional video games

The history of traditional video games dates back to the late 1950s when computer scientists began developing simple games on minicomputers and micro frames. From playing games on desktop computers to mobile phones and now in Virtual reality and Augmented reality, gamers have always given more importance to engaging and immersive gaming ecosystems. Have you ever played a game that was so addictive that you couldn’t stop playing it?

Gamers have always felt that traditional economy gaming is their comfort zone. In a traditional gaming setup, the gamer usually has to pay quite an amount of money to buy certain assets or unlock a certain weapon. The game as such would cost a lot. This means that the gamers are investing their money, time, and effort into the game. Though gaming gives you quite a bit of dopamine, have you ever wondered if you could make money by playing?

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The entry of NFTs into games

The entry of NFTs into the gaming industry has brought about some significant changes. These changes have encouraged more gamers to enter the gaming space. The entry of NFTs has paved the way for a new model of gaming called the play-to-earn NFT games. These games not only let the gamers play but also help them earn rewards in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic to understand why gamers should try NFT games.

Advantages of NFT games

♦ Ownership

As discussed earlier, traditional games involve the gamer investing quite a bit of money into the game. Apart from spending for the console and the game, the gamer has to spend money for the in-game assets that he has no complete ownership of. These in-game assets can be anything ranging from weapons to a special access card that the gamer needs to level up in the game. After investing so much, the in-game assets become completely obsolete after the game ends. The rewards that a player wins throughout the game hold no value once the game ends.

With the introduction of NFTs into gaming, the gamers have complete ownership of the assets that they purchase during the game. The gamer also gets to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency or NFTs.

♦ Interoperability

The in-game assets purchased by a gamer during a game can be sold to other gamers in the particular game or even outside the game. These assets are tradable across the gaming NFT marketplace. This interoperability of assets is another major advantage that makes NFT games stand out.

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♦ Tokenization 

Each of the elements that you find in an NFT game can be tokenized and made into an NFT. These elements can be owned as digital assets that can be traded on the same or different platforms. NFTs add more value to the in-app purchases that the gamer makes during the game.

For e.g., the gaming skins or costumes in a particular game can be an NFT. Each of these skins may come with a particular power or skill that will help the gamer level up in the game.

♦ Play and earn

The introduction of NFTs in gaming has given rise to a new model of gaming called play-to-earn gaming. This means that the gamer can earn back all the time, money, and effort that he has put into the game. Gamers get to earn in the form of crypto.

In a traditional gaming environment, the profits the Gamer yields from the game are always not proportional to what he invests in the game. This model of gaming has gained popularity up to an extent where gamers are thinking about pursuing gaming as a mainstream profession.


The question of whether NFT games will replace traditional gaming does not have a certain answer to it. But the co-existence of both models is what will enable a healthy gaming community. As gamers, it is very important to have an open mind to try different models of gaming. With that said, the ingression of NFTs into the gaming space has led to the development of some best NFT games that every gamer should check out. What if you end up becoming a professional gamer?

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