Why Should You Choose Shopify to Build Your eCommerce Websites

Why Should You Choose Shopify to Build Your eCommerce Websites

Do you know Shopify is the second-highest-used platform to build an eCommerce websites? A 16-year-old platform established in 2006 has gained immense popularity in recent years because of its valuable benefits.

This platform enables you to add different features, make payment receiving easier for you, and provide an enhanced user experience. Businesses, irrespective of their size, prefer Shopify to save costs as well as time in building their website.

So if you are among them, then you should know how Shopify can help you grow your business and different ways through which you can build a Shopify website, and the types of Shopify development services you should take up to build a power pack website.

How Shopify helps increases sales for eCommerce business?

  1. Easy to Set up a Website

Every business owner wants to save time but wants to get their website built with the highest quality, so for such businessmen, Shopify helps them build websites easily without any hassle. Shopify’s admin interface is very easy to use and was created with the needs of a layperson in mind.

It makes sense and is easy to use. In addition to a content management system, it provides hosting. Building a website on Shopify is just a matter of clicks, and you will get your website ready within a quick time.

  1. Continuous Customer Support

Typically technological in nature, eCommerce websites have a complex architecture that needs ongoing monitoring and maintenance. It is crucial that the system you select offers excellent customer service so that you can resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Effective customer service is offered by Shopify around the clock. You can get in touch with the staff to address any problems or to get post-sale assistance. The company owners are assisted in maintaining the functionality of their websites by skilled and knowledgeable employees.

  1. Higher Reliability
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For anybody creating an online store, reliability, and dependability are major priorities. Since eCommerce shops deal with sensitive information like credit/debit card data, address, contact details, bank credentials, etc., choosing a safe and dependable platform is crucial to preventing hackers and virus activity.

Shopify offers comprehensive options for a secure and trustworthy website and will take care of everything from server upkeep to updates. As a result, the website will function smoothly and quickly and be accessible online at all times.

  1. Variety of Templates

Shopify has a selection of expert templates that facilitate the development of distinctive and aesthetically pleasing e-commerce sites. In addition, developers may customize the default themes to produce a more complex user interface and distinctive user experience.

  1. Faster Loading Speed

Considering that it is a worldwide hosted e-commerce solution, Shopify offers a solid infrastructure in addition to optimized hardware and software. The platform loads incredibly quickly, and any e-commerce transactions are completed in a flash.

Ways to build a Shopify website( in-house team, outsource, freelancers)

To build a Shopify website, you can choose any of the given common methods:-

  1. In-house team

Setting up an in-house team to develop a website through Shopify requires lots of effort in terms of time and money. First, you have to communicate all the requirements to your recruitment team, who will start the hiring process. Additionally, you would need different experts to handle the different functions, so hiring different individuals will take double the time.

Second, after hiring the employees, training them, and giving them time to adjust to your organization. Thirdly, buying website templates and other tools to build a website will cost you a huge for building just one website. So setting up an in-house team is a less advisable method to build a Shopify website.

  1. Hire Shopify Website Development Service Providers
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Shopify development services are in high demand due to the benefits they offer. Shopify development service providers have a team of experts who have been working in this field for many years. They have top-notch tools to build the website. They are able to understand your requirements and yield desired results within a quick time.

If you want the website to be built within a stipulated time or a short period, you can communicate the same to the experts, and they will be able to provide you with the final project.

Additionally, you don’t have to buy the tools for making just a website or do not require to hire an in-house team, which saves a lot of time and money. Making and maintenance charges quoted by Shopify website development agencies are fair and very cost-effective, even for start-ups.

  1. Freelancers

If you want to find a single expert who can handle your requirement of building a Shopify website, then you look for freelancers. These freelancers have the required expertise to carry out the task. Additionally, you only have to pay them for the work they do on an hourly basis. Or you can also decide on a lumpsum amount at the end of the work.

The partial amount can be paid at the beginning and the pending amount when you are totally satisfied with your website. Hiring a freelancer is also beneficial for you if you want them to maintain your website after it is established.

Types of Shopify Development Services 

As website development is a challenging task, even though it is being built on Shopify. There are many things to consider to make a power pack website. So when you have made the decision to choose Shopify website development, you should also know about different Shopify Development Services available so that you choose the right service according to your requirement.

  1. Shopify theme development services: Having a proper Shopify theme for one’s online store is important because it greatly impacts how your website will look like.
  2. Shopify Upgrading and maintenance service: Upgrading and maintenance are crucial so that your website works well for a longer period of time. Hence, once the website is built, a business should also buy the package for maintenance of the website.
  3. Shopify 3rd-Party Integration Service: you would obviously want to add your social media handles or would want to generate more leads through the Facebook store or google store. For this, you need experts who can carry out third-party integration services.
  4. Shopify app development services: if you want the Shopify app to make it easier for your customer to shop, then you would also want to prefer this service.
  5. Shopify migration service: if you had your data in some other platform like Woo Commerce etc., and then you chose to shift it to Shopify, then you would want to transfer each piece of data to Shopify. To do so, experts offer Shopify migration services.
  6. Shopify SEO service: SEO has been a crucial part of every business; if you don’t indulge in proper SEO, then you might lag in the competition as other’s websites might show up and not yours.
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Since the time Shopify was established, it has made website building for eCommerce websites easier than ever. Businesses, irrespective of their size, choose Shopify for the benefits it offers.

So if you want to start a Shopify website development journey to make it easier for your customers to buy your products, then first decide whether you want to set up an in-house team, hire eCommerce developers in India, or outsource Shopify website development services.

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