Why French Nail Designs Are Always the Best

Why French Nail Designs Are Always the Best

Nothing changes the beauty of a look more than a well-manicured nail. While there are many ways of manicuring your nails, French nail designs have permeated various and multiple generations to become one of the most appreciated and used new designs in modern times. Nearly everyone who is an enthusiast of manicuring has tried out the contemporary and traditional French nail designs. These designs never seemed to go out of fashion. As such, it begs the question of why these nail designs are always this popular and are considered the best.

1. The French Nail Design: Background Information

Before delving into what French nail designs are the best and the reasons they are considered the best, it is essential first to highlight what exactly nail shapes are. If you are a manicure enthusiast, you may have noticed that some kinds of manicures and nail polish do not go well with various outfits. As with any outfit and accessorizing it, failure to use the proper color-coding techniques could lead to a confused look. The same was the case for various theatre actors and models in the 1970s before Jeff Pink introduced this revolutionary design.

In 1975, Jeff Pink was responsible for designing a new technique for manicuring nails to ensure that all the models, theatre actors, and movie actors would use any outfit. This is because changing the manicure in between scenes was not feasible, considering that modern drying techniques, such as the use of UV light, had not been developed. As such, Jeff came up with the French nails technique, which would be beneficial since the method employs a neutral and versatile approach that can work with any outfit regardless of the setting.

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2. French Nail Types and Designs

When it comes to French nails, there are different types to choose from. The traditional French nails have a simple neutral at the bottom or base of the nails, with a white band on the tip. This design is very chic and elegant without having any extra additives.

A different type of French nail you can employ involves using a dark color, such as green, emerald green, or even black, with a bright color on the tip. This technique is helpful for people that want to experiment and are adventurous. Another variation of the French nails includes using a neutral or a slightly neutral base with the tip fading into white. While the white will not be a band or single line on top, the texture as the neutral color fades into white creates an exhilarating design.

Why French Nail Designs Are Always the Best

3. Why French Nails Are The Best

♦ Simple, Natural, and Elegant

If you are not into getting manicures, you may have heard the argument that they’re unnecessary and ruin the way your nails naturally appear. People who fall into this category, especially in the professional setting, may find it offensive that you paint your nails bright colors to draw attention to yourself.

To a significant extent, French nails are not like that. If you have ever seen someone with a French manicure and wondered why they chose a neutral hue instead of the usual colorful ones, the answer is simple: their nails seem more natural.

♦ Neatness and Beauty 

The nails seem clean and well-kept because of the neutral color and the white band across the tip. These manicures are perfect for the office since they make the wearer seem polished and put together. French nail art is exceedingly precise because, unlike more ostentatious styles, it enhances rather than distracts from the wearer’s overall look.

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Why French Nail Designs Are Always the Best

♦ Professional and Casual At The Same Time

In case you were ready to reconsider these nails because they seemed too bland and plain, you will be happy to hear that they are also great for parties and other fun occasions. That is presumably why many individuals will be sporting French manicures for the wedding. Whether you are headed to a dinner date, a gala, or a business meeting, these nails will complement your outfit. They work just as effectively in a casual environment as in a formal one.

♦ Versatility

This manicure is also great since it can be used with any outfit. French nail polish offers a classic and sophisticated style that is perfect for those not used to wearing nail art. Therefore, today’s working women don’t have to sacrifice their aesthetics, such as their manicures, to fulfill the demands of their careers.

The same goes for people who go on stage and need multiple wardrobe changes in short succession. French manicure, as intended by its inventor Jeff Pink, complements any of your wardrobe options. You can put on a manicure like this and not worry about whether or not your nails will go with what you’re wearing. As a result, you won’t have to spend as much money on manicures and will have more freedom to try out different looks.

Why French Nail Designs Are Always the Best

Last Words

French nail Polish is an excellent option for anyone that wants to try out nail art for the first time or even for veterans nail art designers. The design works for everyone regardless of the kind of outfit and the setting or environment you intend to use it in. As such, it is straightforward to try out and implement.

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