What is a Google Play Console?


Today’s article is all about the Google Play console. It allows users to publish their android app. Further, it is the creator of this stunning app. It is also known as Google Play Developer Console. Also, it is an ideal platform to take audience suggestions about your android app, game, etc. If you are here to know what a Google play console is, you can access and monitor your apps on this anywhere and anytime. It also offers many other features that improve the business performance of the specific app.

First, I will explore all the relevant information with you. After that, you can use its different features without lag issues. Furthermore, the size of the app is 3.32 Mb, so it does not need much space on your mobile phone.

Importance of Google Play Console:

The app allows publishers to learn about the performance of their apps in the market. The app has gained popularity among different users in a short time. It provides a detailed analysis and acquisition report. Moreover, you can observe the number of impressions & installs received by an app from various sources.

Undoubtedly, it shows the app’s real performance to its developers, and you can monitor its growth and the Conversation rate (CVR). In short, a lot of people all around the world use it to publish their games on this. Therefore, it is the best platform.

Steps to create an account:

It is necessary to create your account per the policies of Google to publish your apps. To create an account on this, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Firstly, you must log into the app with your registered email address. Furthermore, using an email that multiple company users can access is preferable.

2. The next step is applying for the Google Play Developer Console account. When the account is verified, proceed with the additional registration. Clearly, it includes the terms & conditions as well as the payment method.

3. The third step is to invite Shopgate as an administrator. Now it’s time to grant API access to the app for regular updates.

4. Finally, enter the relevant information at Shopgate.

Features of Google Play Console:

1. Publishing overview

2. View statistics

3. Better ads experience

4. Notifications of changes

5. Threshold

6. Better security

Publishing Overview:

You can easily control the updates as per your choice if you want to get an overview of the app with certain changes, so you can also do so. Along with this, you have full control over publishing the apps and their editing.

View Statistics:

It is easier to see the statistic of your app growth. In addition, it will provide you with detailed information about your published app.

Better ads experience:

Users can have a better experience with ads that run in their apps or games. You can set them at the game’s start, mid, and end.

Notifications of changes:

Although, users can get notifications about any changes they have made in the app. Besides this, you can also mute the notification by visiting the settings.

Threshold Red icon:

Users will be able to see the threshold through a red icon. If your audience is not satisfied with certain features of the app, then try to improve the performance and features to make it more popular among your audience. For this reason, your app does rank if it continues to exhibit bad behavior.

Better Security:

Although, it protects the user’s privacy and provides a secure environment. It does not allow malicious or deceptive applications. So, these types of apps are strictly prohibited.

Google Play Console For PC/Laptop:

You can download the Google Play console on your PC or Mac. First, you need to install the blue stacks. After that, activate Bluestacks and tap on the My app option in the emulator. After that, search for the Google Play console. As a result, create an account to download the app from Google Play on Bluestacks. Once you log in, the installation will start.

Play app signing:

A newly introduced feature allows developers to have a special signing key for their app. Further, keep the key for signing in to the app securely; otherwise, you will be at a loss.

Benefits for the Developer using Google Play console:

Here is a short list of benefits developers can enjoy using Google Play Console.

1. Easy to use

2. Better Navigation

3. Receive mail

4. Imminent help

5. Transparent policy

6. Analytical & Reporting

7. Cons

8. Poor help support

9. Semi Randomized errors

10. Limited Tools


Hence, I have explained all the information about the Google Play Console. So, you can publish the apps, trace the performance and growth, and much more. Further, it shows the app’s real performance to its developers, and you can monitor its growth and the Conversation rate. Moreover, it is free to use the app’s features once you have bought the paid version. Thanks for your time.


1. Can we get the Google Play Console for free?

No, Google Play Console is not free at all. You need to pay $25 to get full access to it. So, it will last a lifetime without additional investment.

2. Can we upload APK apps to the Google Play Console?

Yes, uploading any Apk app using the Google Play Console is possible as they support android applications. Therefore, it is easy to publish Apk applications. Also, you can take an overview of these apps.

3. What is the size of the Google Play Console?

The file size is 3.32 Mb. It will not consume much of your mobile space. So you can easily download it on any Android device.

4What is the Price according to Google?

Getting the paid version of the Google console is very simple. It will charge $25 to users interested in publishing any app or game on the Google Play Store. It will be a single fee charged by the user, and they can have access to all the features. That is, its paid version provides lifetime access to its services.


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