How to Stop Computer Screen from Turning OFF in Windows 10

Stop Computer Screen From Turning Off In Windows

How to Stop Computer Screen from Turning OFF in Windows 10, If the computer’s screen turns off after a few minutes of inactivity, you can easily change this setting and prevent the Windows 10 computer’s screen from turning off.

Stop Computer Screen from Turning OFF in Windows

The default setting in Windows 10 is to save battery life and save power by turning off the screen when the screen is not in use.

However, this default setting can be easily configured to keep the laptop or desktop screen active for a longer period of time or never turn off.

Prevent the computer screen from turning off when plugged in

For portable computers, Windows 10 provides an option to prevent the screen from turning off, either when the portable computer is plugged into a power source, or when it is on battery power.

Open Settings on your computer and click on the System Icon. On the next screen, select Power & Sleep in the left-pane. In the right pane, use the drop-down to set When plugged in to Never and ‘On battery power’ to any reasonable duration (10, 15, 20) that suits you.

Stop Computer Screen from Turning OFF in Windows

As mentioned above, even if the laptop runs on battery, it can prevent the screen from turning off. However, you need to be aware that such a setting will adversely affect the battery life of your computer.

Prevent the computer from going to sleep

Even if the computer’s screen is set to “Never Turn Off”, the screen will still turn off when the computer enters the sleep state. Therefore, it is necessary to check the sleep settings on the computer.

Go to Settings > System > select Power & Sleep option in the left pane. In the right-pane, scroll down to the ‘Sleep’ section and use the drop-down to set When Plugged into Never or any other duration that suits you.

In order to extend battery life, it is recommended not to prevent the computer from going to sleep while relying on battery power.

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