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Sharex Most Useful Free Software For Pc Window

introduction shareX Most useful free software for pc/window

shareX Most useful free software for pc/window source screenshot and screen casting tool for Windows is called ShareX. The GNU General Public License governs its publication. The project’s source code may be seen on GitHub. Additionally, it’s accessible via Steam and the Microsoft Store.shareX Most useful free software for pc/window have amazing features



With ShareX, you may take screenshots of the entire screen or just a portion of it. These pictures can then export in several different image formats. Using , it can also upload video and animated GIF files.

Users add notes to screenshots that already taken or alter them with borders, picture effects, watermarks, etc. using the inbuilt image editor. Before capturing a snapshot, the editor can also used to draw on Windows or the desktop.


After taking a screenshot, it can immediately exported as an image file, sent as an e-mail attachment, printed to a printer, copied to the clipboard, or published to a remote location using an FTP client or one of the many popular images hosting services. The URL that is generate when the image is send to the remote host copy to the clipboard.

Drag and drop other file types into the program and upload them to the destination by type, such as a text file saved to Paste in and a ZIP file saved to Dropbox.

Other tools

There are a variety of features for desktop images, including screen color selection and selection, a checksum tool (hash checker), screen ruler, image merge, image and video thumbnails, and many more.

development of shareX

The ZScreen project started in 2007, was hosted on SourceForge, and then was transferred to Google Code in 2008.

Zuploader, a side project that was launched in 2010, completely reworked the heart of ZScreen. All ZScreen features were transferred to ZUploader in 2012, and ShareX was later packaged and made available. As a result of Google Code’s decision to stop enabling download hosting in 2013, the project was transferred to GitHub.


*Different methods of taking screenshots

*Numerous customizable tasks after capture

*Upload any file using configurable keyboard shortcuts; upload to clipboard, drag, and drop, or from Windows Explorer context menu

*Supports more than 80 different images, text, and file hosting services

*supports many URL shortening and sharing services

* Includes tools like screen color picker, image editor, ruler, DNS changer, QR code generator, and more

*Unlimited customizable workflows with keyboard-specific settings

  • Free, open-source, lightweight, and ad-free!
  • Advanced screen capture, screen recording, file sharing, and productivity tool.
  • Various screenshot capture methods including full screen, window, monitor, region, freehand, scrolling, and more
  • Customizable after-capture tasks such as annotation, adding effects, watermarking, recording, printing, and more.
  • so, Upload any files using configurable keyboard shortcuts, upload to clipboard, drag, and drop, or from the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • It supports more than 50 different images, text, and file hosting services, such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastes in, etc. It also supports many URL shortening and sharing services
  • then It includes tools like a screen color picker, image editor, ruler, DNS changer, QR code generator, directory indexer, and more.
  • Unlimited customizable workflows with specific hotkey settings.
  • A program you can trust with over 8 years of active development.


It offers screen capture and recording

Lots of sharing options

Scanning a scrolling page


It can be awkwardly configure

No game capture or recording

Uninviting interface

so, when Pressing the Print Scr key and pasting the contents of the clipboard into an image editor are all that are require to take a screenshot in Windows. However, there may be instances when you want to do something a little more difficult, such as capture only a portion of the screen or post your movie online, in which case a third-party screen recorder will be useful.

so, One such tool is Software (opens in a new tab), and it’s available as a standard app or from the Microsoft Store — and both are free.

Offers a variety

This app offers a variety of screen capture options: full screen, window, region, scrolling, and more and You can choose whether or not to include the cursor in screenshots, set a capture delay timer, and even perform OCR on, You can also record screen activity as a video or animated GIF.

But where ShareX comes into its own—and where it gets its name from—is the sharing options available. so, Screenshots and recordings can uploaded to several cloud services, including image hosting and general online storage, and even social media. ShareX offers a lot, including a pretty impressive image editor that tweaks your screenshots before you use them.

User experience

If you plan to use the ShareX interface, your experience won’t be great. The program is cramp and far from attractive, so it would be much better to spend some time configuring and learning the keyboard shortcuts.

Even though there will be instances when it’s hard to avoid using the main interface, this app works best when it disappears into the background and doesn’t require much attention.

Beauty of ShareX

The beauty of is that software it’s much more powerful than meets the eye, and the Workflow feature makes it highly customizable, giving you the ability to automate common tasks. For newbies, the process of setting everything up can seem intimidating, but it’s worth sticking with. so, Being able to use a single hotkey to start a delayed screenshot, specify a region, automatically save the image, upload it to cloud storage, and share online is a fantastic time saver!

ShareX offers numerous options for recording or capturing your screen.

The primary techniques of capturing are:

.Full screen and open windows

. Window menu

.Monitor menu

. Active monitor

Region, Area (Light), Area (Transparent), Area (Last), Area (Custom),

•. Text Capture (OCR);

. Automatic capture;

. Screen recording;

. Screen recording (GIF);

• Scan by scrolling;

. Scanning a web page;

There are numerous screen capture options available here, such as revealing the cursor, transparent window capture, delayed capture, multiple region selection with various shapes, etc.

The following automated tasks can be run following the capture in shareX:

  • Display the shortcut menu
  • Display the “After capture” window.
  • Add effects or a watermark to an image, annotate it, copy it to the clipboard, print it, save it to a file, save it as, save a thumbnail image to a file, and do other operations.
  • Show file in explorer; Copy file to clipboard; Copy file path to clipboard; Recognize text (OCR); Display “Before upload” window
  • Publish an image on a host
  • Locally delete a file
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