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Pdf Text Deleter
PDF Text Deleter Pro is a software tool for removing text from PDF documents. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for users to delete specific text from their PDFs, allowing them to edit and manipulate their PDFs as needed.
Use this convenient and lightweight Windows tool to remove specific strings and text portions from multiple PDF files.
The fact that PDF files cannot be changed without the assistance of a PDF editor is one of the factors contributing to their popularity. This benefit might, however, become a disadvantage if you need to remove certain words or strings from a PDF file but don’t have access to an editor. This is where a program like PDF Text Deleter may rescue the day and assist you in removing incorrect strings or particular text fragments.

It will be challenging to alter the text on a PDF document if you don’t have the right tools for the job. A new piece of software on the market, PDF Text Deleter Pro is a straightforward yet effective PDF text editor. It is simple to use to assist you in bulk erasing text from numerous PDF files. With its aid, you can also do double batch text deletion on several PDFs by setting up various texts or words to be erased at once.

Since the UI is simple to use and all of the choices are easily available, using PDF Text Deleter is rather simple. The layout of the buttons and controls is straightforward, and so is the interface. Although drag and drop operations are available, which is pretty easy, you can also use Windows Explorer to explore the input files.
However, bear in mind that PDF Text Deleter also offers batch operations, which allows it to parse and process several PDF documents at once. You may add individual PDF files to the input list. In this regard, you can simply choose a folder on your computer and tell the software to go through all the PDF files inside of it.

The text to remove should be specified after the input list has been constructed. You can enter a list of words or strings to remove from all of the PDF documents in the input list using PDF Text Deleter.
Even easier for you, PDF Text Deleter lets you import a word list from a text or CSV file. As shown below, there is an option that sets up PDF Text Deleter to match the case in the search and a few other options.
Key Features:
  • PDF Text Deleter Pro allows you to delete text in multiple PDFs
  • You can use it to delete multiple texts at once
  • This tool helps you permanently remove PDF text
  • It can be used to keep the original PDF layout
  • It supports protected PDFs
  • This tool also can customize the page range
  • If you want to match the case option, PDF Text Deleter Pro also can help you
  • The tool can be used for filling in blanks in spaces
Supported OS: Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Win 11 or Later

Download PDF Text Deleter Pro version 1.0

License KEY: 887X1-33QA6-89MNE-77021

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