Microsoft Edge is Getting Adobe Acrobat PDF Technology Starting March 2023

Microsoft Edge Is Getting Adobe Acrobat Pdf Technology
In March, Edge will receive an upgrade from Microsoft that will bring the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine inside the browser’s built-in reader, offering Windows users more options for viewing PDF files.
A new version of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and 11 that incorporates the Adobe Acrobat PDF rendering engine will be released by Microsoft and Adobe in March 2023. Users will receive an improved PDF experience thanks to this, which will replace Edge’s current PDF engine and include more accurate colours, better performance, narration, better text selection, and increased security. Beginning in March 2023, a phased transfer to the new engine will take place, with the legacy engine continuing to operate until March 31, 2024. The new engine will provide an opt-in option for organizations with managed devices.
This release is part of an ongoing partnership between Adobe and Microsoft to provide 1.4 billion Windows users with Adobe’s premier PDF, e-signature, and document automation solutions. Users of Edge will be able to access the integrated Adobe Acrobat PDF technology without paying anything but to access more sophisticated features like text and image editing, they will need to purchase an Acrobat subscription.

Microsoft and Adobe have teamed up to bring Adobe Acrobat’s PDF rendering engine directly into the Edge browser, replacing the existing PDF engine. This new Adobe Acrobat PDF engine will be rolling out in March 2023 on Edge for unmanaged Windows 10 and Windows 11.
organizations with managed Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices will begin implementing the new Adobe Acrobat PDF engine in September 2023.
the integration allows users to use Acrobat in the Microsoft Edge web browser without having to download or switch to a separate app. Integrated with the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine, the Microsoft Edge PDF solution is fully compatible with the previous Microsoft Edge PDF solution, including access to features such as higher fidelity for more accurate colours and graphics, better performance, better security, and more.
users who want advanced PDF features, e.g. For example, those with the ability to edit text and images, convert PDFs to other file formats, and combine files can purchase an Acrobat subscription that enables these capabilities in Microsoft Edge through a browser extension.


Microsoft has announced that in March, Edge will get an update that will add the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine inside the browser’s built-in reader, giving Windows 10 and 11
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