How to make the Windows 11 taskbar black (no dark mode)

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Black

How to make the Windows 11 taskbar black (no dark mode), Windows 11 uses a light theme for the taskbar, settingsstart menu, file explorer, menus, action center, and other areas of the operating system, and uses default settings. The light theme plus transparency certainly looks fresh.

Most PC users may like the white taskbar because the black taskbar can help you focus on your work better.

Make the Windows 11 taskbar black

Windows 10 users who have used the black taskbar may also want to set the Windows 11 taskbar to black without changing the color of File Explorer, Settings, menus, and supported applications.

Fortunately, changing the taskbar color is easy and can be achieved without using any other tools. You can use the built-in settings to make the Windows 11 taskbar black again.

Change the Windows 11 taskbar color to black (do not apply dark mode)

The easiest way to change the Windows 11 taskbar color to black is to use the dark theme. However, the problem is that the dark theme also changes the file explorer and applications to black. This may not be a problem for many people, but not all users like to use dark themes throughout the day.

If you want to make the taskbar black without applying a dark theme, you can use this method.

Open the “Settings” application by clicking the “Settings” icon on the “Start” menu or pressing the Windows logo and the I key at the same time. Alternatively, you can right-click the “Start” button and click the “Settings” option to open it.

On the left pane of Settings, click Personalization. On the right side, click on Colors.

make the Windows 11 taskbar black

Now, select the Custom option in the drop-down menu next to Choose your color. When you select the Custom option, two more options will show up.

Next, Select the Dark option from the drop-down menu next to Choose your default Windows mode and select the Light option from the drop-down menu next to Choose your default app mode (refer to the picture below).

Finally, on the same page (Settings > Personalization > Colors), turn off the Transparency effects to see the taskbar and Start/search in black color. All the best!

The taskbar, start menu, and action center will now turn black. However, the file explorer, settings, menus, and other areas will continue to use the light theme.

Use a dark theme to set the Windows 11 taskbar to black

Open Windows 11 Settings. In the left pane of Settings, click Personalization. Now, on the right-side, select Dark from the drop-down menu next to the Choose your color.

This will apply the dark theme or dark mode throughout the operating system. In other words, the start, taskbar, action center, menu, settings, file explorer, and supported applications will now be displayed in black.

Finally, on the same page, turn off the Transparency effects option turn off transparency and make the taskbar truly black.

Tip: You can use the Windows logo + N keyboard shortcut to view all notifications, and use Windows + A to open the action center, which allows you to control brightness, sound, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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