Is The Gaming Community Disillusioned With NFT Gaming?

Is The Gaming Community Disillusioned With NFT Gaming?

NFT Gaming

In recent times, the word NFT gaming has been getting in the headlines frequently. If you search NFT in a search engine, it would definitely show at least one game that introduces something new in the existing game or an NFT gaming marketplace that is helping gamers to trade gaming NFTs.

Every day, something is happening and progressing, making way for the evolution of a new generation in the gaming industry. Luxury brands, popular game developers, and other technology conglomerates are eyeing this sector as this is said to take them to the next level. Here is a blog curated for every tech lover who is eager to know what is happening around the NFT gaming industry across the globe. Let’s dive in.

The NFT boom and NFT games!

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is not a concept that came into existence a year back. The first appearance of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain was recorded in early 2015. It traveled a rough path and reached the limelight only in early 2021. The boom was massive that the popularity of NFTs reached far and wide.

People have not just started to learn about NFTs but also about blockchain and cryptocurrency.  The sudden spike in sales in 2021 is not an overnight event as well. While people fancied the concept of having tradeable ownership of a digital file over the blockchain, celebrities also played a vital role in making people aware of this new tech.

With that being said, there were also other industries that started using NFTs as a significant part of several projects. Though everything started with art NFTs, today, even Birth certificates are NFTs now!  Governments are making initiatives to take up NFTs for official documentation as well.

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When it invaded the gaming industry, it was indeed a breakthrough for the gaming community. Today, not just new NFT games but other traditional games are also now moving towards blockchain to take up NFTs!

In traditional video games we play, you get an enhanced gaming experience when you pay for them. Meanwhile, in a Play to earn NFT game, you pay for the NFT, which can be traded in an NFT gaming marketplace.

This will bring not only a better gaming experience but also an opportunity to earn through the NFTs as well as the game. The gamers will get rewarded for every level or task they complete. It is also possible for gamers to earn fiat money by exchanging those tokens.

Legends and NFT games!

As mentioned earlier, there are many traditional game developers who are setting their foot in Blockchain and NFT market. It was indeed a surprise when Microsoft announced that it would be using blockchain as the backbone of its Xbox gaming console.

Game developers like Game Stop and Ubisoft came up with their own NFT gaming marketplace platform exclusively for the games they develop. While there are developers who are constantly supporting NFTs, there are still gamers who are not ready to take up NFTs in their traditional games.

For example, STALKER 2: the heart of Chornobyl, a player vs. player multiplayer game, announced the introduction of NFTs. similarly, Ubisoft also tried to take up NFTs to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which also backfired and made the developers drop the plan of bringing NFTs in.

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While some people genuinely benefit from these P2E gaming systems, others claim that it requires a lot of work and money. Despite the fact that many games were created to fix the problems, play-to-rank games represent yet another gaming category.

The player who achieves the day’s top ranking in the recently released game from Volare is rewarded. In other words, you play the game, score, climb the leaderboard, and receive rewards!

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