How to install Signal on a Windows 10 PC

Install Signal On Windows

How to install Signal on a Windows 10 PC, Signal is one of the emerging cross-platform messaging services. Privacy-conscious messaging services provide end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of your messages.

Although Signal is a relatively new messaging service, it provides almost all the features you get in other messaging services such as WhatsApp. From group chats to video calls to GIFs, Signal can provide everything. The best part is that it is completely free and ad-free.

Install Signal on a Windows 10 PC

PC users may want to install Signal to read and send messages directly from their computer without touching their smartphone. Fortunately, just like WhatsApp, Signal also allows its users to install and use Signal on Windows and Mac, and smartphones.

If you are using a Windows 10 PC, you will be happy to know that you can officially install and use Signal on Windows 10 without any problems.

Note: To use Signal on Windows 10 or Mac, you must first install and set up Signal on your smartphone. If Signal is not installed on your smartphone, you cannot use Signal on Windows 10 or Mac. Therefore, before proceeding, make sure that Signal is installed and configured on your smartphone.

The first step is to get the official Signal installer for Windows 10. Visit this official download page and download the latest version of Signal for Windows 10. Run the installer and follow the easy-to-understand on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Launch the Signal on your PC to get the following screen with a QR code.

install Signal on a Windows 10 PC

As mentioned earlier, to log in to Signal on your PC, you need to install the Signal app on your smartphone. Therefore, open the Signal app on your smartphone.

On your smartphone, navigate to Signal app Settings > Linked Devices and then tap Link New Device (iOS) or Plus icon (Android). Scan the QR code to begin using Signal on your computer.

On your smartphone, when you get the confirmation prompt, tap the Link New Device option.

Finally, on your computer, you will get the following screen where you can change or keep the default name for the computer. Click on the Finish linking phone button to begin using Signal on your Windows 10 computer. The Signal desktop application might take a few seconds to sync your messages and contacts.

Remember that Signal for PC or Mac requires a smartphone with the Signal app installed to connect to the Internet.

Signal Desktop keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

As is the case with WhatsApp Desktop, the Signal desktop program also offers numerous keyboard shortcuts. To view all keyboard shortcuts, click on the Help menu and then click the Show keyboard shortcuts option.

Hope to install Signal on a Windows 10 PC !

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