Increase Your Business Graph With Amazon Virtual Assistants

Increase Your Business Graph With Amazon Virtual Assistants

Working on the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace can be a liberating experience. But if you ever dig deep down in the process, there is an area of work that often feels excessive, like product listing optimization, data entry, product image editing, customer support, and order processing. That’s where Amazon virtual assistants come in and promptly help you rearrange your business processes to be more effective.

This guide will explain what Amazon virtual assistant is and the services they offer. We’ll also review how Amazon virtual assistants can help scale your eCommerce business. In closing, we’ll provide critical information about hiring a virtual assistant. Sounds good? Let’s get it started!

What Is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

An Amazon virtual assistant is a contractor who works remotely and executes critical business operations depending on their skills, experience, and knowledge.

Based on the project requirements, they can be hired full-time, part-time, or on a project basis. A list of tasks virtual assistants can perform-

  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Product Description Writing
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Amazon Content Creation
  • Product Image Editing
  • Market Research, etc.

What Can an Amazon VA Do for FBA Businesses?

Amazon virtual assistants perform numerous tasks- from basic organization tasks to more intense, business-expanding activities like Amazon SEO or PPC ad management. Here’s a list of FBA-related services that an Amazon virtual assistant can provide.

#1 Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • VAs who are experts in Amazon SEO can help you create search-friendly product titles with high-volume keywords (search terms), in tune with marketplace guidelines and character limits.
  • Trained in SEO, Amazon VAs create product descriptions that convert by checking search term density, deleting repetitive or unnecessary information, and adding call-to-action terms.
  • VAs skilled in Amazon product listing optimization ensures all product benefits, features, specifications, and measurements are added to the listing in the form of keyword-rich bullet points.
  • Moreover, Amazon VAs cross-check backend search terms. Consistently keeping a tab on that ensures that you have the maximum number of relatable backend search terms.
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#2 Listing Management

  • Amazon VAs efficiently manage the optimization of your listings.
  • They keep up with the product listing, update inventory status timely, and draw a report for new product possessions.
  • They ensure bulk product upload, saving your precious time and effort.

#3 Order Processing

  • VAs holds expertise in Amazon operations, help maintain order/inventory records, monitor shipment dates, manage return/refunds/exchange, and process invoices in real-time.
  • They provide support by handling orders and transferring stock to FBA warehouses.
  • They perform administrative tasks that come with managing product refunds/returns/exchanges, such as accepting the request and drawing a report.

#4 Amazon PPC Management

  • A PPC management specialist- VA helps you set up effective sponsored ads, using high-volume search terms, keeping an ad spend minimum.
  • They consistently check ad campaign performance and make necessary changes, ensuring maximum ROI. In addition, virtual assistants can elucidate reporting data, counsel, and carry out well-timed tweaks.
  • They measure the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaigns based on predetermined KPIs.

#5 Storefront Tracking

  • Inventory management isn’t enough for success. Thus, Amazon virtual assistants help you with more productive activities, like alerts set up for items with a low CSI, organizing low stock periods, and making necessary changes to better customer experience.
  • They bring to light new sales opportunities by analyzing what is performing best and what isn’t.

#6 Customer Support Services

  • Amazon remote contractors ensure satisfactory customer experience by timely responding/addressing their queries. In addition, they timely deal with negative feedback and complaints.
  • They respond to positive feedback/reviews by thanking them for the grand gesture, ensuring a good brand reputation.
  • They ensure a satisfactory customer experience by communicating with them to resolve their issues- the best way to maintain your reputation and get positive reviews

How Do Virtual Assistants Help FBA Business Grow?

Amazon virtual assistants are versatile! Now let’s see how Amazon VAs can help scale FBA business:

#1 Minimum Investment Required (Cost-Saving- Can Be Invested In Business Expansion)

One of the most significant advantages of hiring Amazon remote contractors is that there’s a bare minimum investment (money & time) in them. With a permanent resource, there will be additional costs such as infrastructure, space, salaries, technology, tools, commute, food, beverages, perks, etc. An Amazon virtual assistant, on the contrary, works outside the office and reduces ongoing business expenses.

Amazon VAs offer services on a project basis, meaning you have to pay them for a specific service and not a full salary. This option is much more economical than hiring a full-time resource for Amazon business processes.

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#2 Experts at Your Disposal

Amazon virtual assistants are highly-skilled, trained professionals at your disposal. You get the opportunity to leverage services from professionals serving businesses for years and know ins-and-outs of the marketplace. Who else can help scale your FBA business other than these highly-skilled Amazon professionals?

From basic administrative tasks to major business growing functions- Amazon VAs handle everything with utmost precision. A permanent employee may hold expertise in one or two business functions, forcing you to hire more resources for complete business management. You can avoid this by hiring an expert Amazon VA.

#3 Saves Time & Efforts in Recruitment

Hiring skilled resources is a time-taking and arduous process. Posting a vacancy, checking candidates’ references, experience, & background, and other hiring procedures for your company requires money, time, and effort.

So hiring an Amazon remote contractor instead of a full-time employee will save you much time and money involved with the selection process.

#4 Maximum Revenue Generation

Hiring Amazon virtual assistants not only helps businesses save costs but also maximizes their revenue. VAs take on critical business activities such as Amazon listing creation, Amazon SEO, & PPC to get more conversion and sales, thereby helping you maximize your profit considerably.

#5 Free Time, More Focus

Time is the most valuable asset, especially for entrepreneurs. Thus, it is vital to use it wisely. If you don’t manage it right, routine tasks will take up all your precious time, and you’ll lose sight of the big picture. And therein lies the most significant advantage of hiring an Amazon remote assistant: you can delegate menial tasks and save time and energy to focus on business processes that ensure expansion and growth.

How to Manage Amazon Virtual Assistants?

Hiring and managing Amazon virtual assistants has its own set of challenges- ones that are different from hiring a full-time employee.

Here’s a list of things you need to be aware of-

#1 Remuneration (Payment)

First, decide on the compensation method and mode of payment. Will it be hourly, weekly, or monthly? Figure that out in advance and convey this to your VA at the time of selection.

#2 Work Expectations

Tell Amazon virtual assistants your work expectations to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Things you must mention include: operating hours, deadlines, check-ins, and predetermined performance measures.

#3 Review

Regular work reviews are imperative for continual improvement. A standard approach, mainly if you have a virtual assistant team, is to appreciate in public and criticize in private.

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Providing work reviews regularly for continual improvement is of utmost importance.

#4 Time Tracking

Numerous software are available for time tracking purposes. If you feel your Amazon remote contractors are giving less time and effort, look for an application that takes screenshots regularly.

#5  Holidays & Customs

If you’ve hired an Amazon virtual assistant from another nation, acquaint yourself with their customs, festivals, and holidays. For example, India celebrates independence day on the 15th of August. A bit of research can help you get this information.

What Qualities to Look For in Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Selecting and hiring Amazon virtual assistants is easier when you know what qualities to look for in them.

The best recommendation is to screen potential candidates based on-

  1. Knowledge
  2. Language & Vocabulary Skills
  3. Experience
  4. Friendliness
  5. Responsiveness

Remember you have to train your VAs for the processes you use, so make sure they can quickly learn and follow directions well.

Important Note: If you plan to hire Amazon VAs for critical business processes such as PPC ad management, listing optimization, or Amazon SEO, ensure they have experience executing such tasks. Else they will end up costing you a fortune.

Amazon Virtual Assistants: Hiring Cost

There is no direct answer to this question.

Hiring cost depends on numerous factors, including project requirements, VA’s skills, experience, & knowledge, base country, etc.

The higher the requirements, VA’s experience, and knowledge, the higher the cost.

Where to Hire Amazon VAs?

As an entrepreneur, it isn’t easy to trust an outsider and delegate business-critical tasks. And we are not even suggesting you hire blindly! Quite the opposite.

Being circumspect is always the best, especially when search engines are messed up with unfortunate incidents about inexpert VAs. However, you can minimize the chances of having a negative experience by conducting in-depth research in advance.

Here’s a list of some reliable Amazon virtual assistant services we discovered in our best companies research, which you can use:

  • SAMM Data Services
  • SunTec India
  • Data4Amazon
  • BizisTech
  • MYVA360

Also, you can hire Amazon virtual assistants using freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancers, Toptal, Dribble, People Per Hour, etc.

Final Thoughts

You must have heard, “Two heads are better than one.” In eCommerce, it goes like this, “two heads run the business better than one.

Check some successful eCommerce marketplaces —Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, to name a few—you’ll notice that the entire operation is managed by a team of highly-skilled professionals, not by just one. They started as a one-person operation, but to scale and thrive, they had to hire expert resources. This shows hiring Amazon virtual assistants is a major breakthrough in your growth and success.

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