How to hide or delete blank rows in Excel

Hide Or Delete Blank Rows In Excel 2

How to hide or delete blank rows in Excel, Deleting blank rows in Excel spreadsheets with large amounts of data can be time-consuming. Below you will find a quick and easy way to hide or delete blank rows in Excel.

Hide or delete blank rows in Excel

If there are few blank rows to be deleted in the Excel worksheet, you can manually delete them by right-clicking the row and selecting the “Delete” option in the right-click menu.

However, this method of deleting empty rows can be time-consuming, especially when you are dealing with empty rows scattered across large worksheets containing thousands of rows.

Therefore, we provide an easy way to delete blank rows in Excel and the steps to hide blank rows in Excel below.

Hide blank rows in Excel

This method allows you to delete blank rows in the data without actually deleting them.

Select the Data Columns containing blank or empty rows. Make sure, you are on the Home tab > click on Sort & Filter option in the ‘Editing’ section and select the Filter option in the drop-down menu. Once you click on Filter, all the data columns will have drop-down buttons. Click on the drop-down button for any data column > deselect Blanks in the Filter menu and click on OK.

How to hide or delete blank rows in Excel

This will hide all the blank rows in the data, without actually deleting them.

At any time, you can get back blanks rows in your data by clicking the Filter drop-down button > checking the blanks option and clicking on the OK button.

Quickly delete blank rows in Excel

Please follow the steps below to delete blank rows or blank rows in the Excel worksheet.

Select the entire data or specific section of the data from which you want to remove empty rows. Make sure that you are on the Home tab > click on Find & Select option in ‘Editing’ section and select Go to Special option in the drop-down menu.

In the ‘Go-To Special’ window, select the Blanks option and click on OK to highlight all the blank rows in the data. Right-click on any highlighted blank row and click on the Delete option.

On the Delete menu that appears, select Entire Row option and click on OK.

This will remove all the blank rows from the data, leaving you with a worksheet that can be sorted and filtered.

Hope to help you to hide or delete blank rows in Excel!

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