How to Fix Mail App Not Working on iPhone

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How to Fix Mail App Not Working on iPhone, If you have not received emails or are unable to send emails on your iPhone, you can find steps below to solve the problem of the mail application not working on your iPhone.

Fix Mail App Not Working on iPhone

The problem of the mail application not working on the iPhone or iPad can have a variety of reasons, from minor software failures and busy email servers to damage or damage to the mail application.

You should be able to resolve this issue using the troubleshooting steps provided below.

Restart iPhone

Starting with a simple fix, go to Settings > General > scroll down and tap on Shut Down. On the next screen, use the Slider to OFF position.

How to Fix Mail App Not Working on iPhone

Allow iPhone to completely power off, wait for 30 seconds and Restart iPhone by pressing the Power button.

Check mail server status

Sometimes, the problem is due to an offline or problem with the server of your email service provider (Google, Outlook, etc.).

If you use Gmail, please go to the Google Workspace status dashboard and make sure that the Gmail service is working properly.

If you are using Outlook, please check the Microsoft Service Health Portal and make sure that the Outlook service is running.

In addition, please visit the Apple System Status Dashboard to make sure that Apple’s iCloud mail service is functioning properly and there are no issues.

Check mail retrieval settings

If you experience delays when receiving emails, it may be because the mail application is set to retrieve emails manually.

Go to Settings > Mail Accounts > Fetch New Data > on the next screen, select Automatically option.

Note: Although the manual extraction option can save battery life, it only checks for new emails when you use the mail application.

Check Mail Notification Settings

Go to Settings > Notifications > Mail > Move Allow Notifications toggle to ON position.

Note: For privacy reasons, you may need to uncheck the lock screen alert to prevent email notifications from appearing on the screen of an unlocked iPhone.

Disable VPN

If you use a VPN, please disable the VPN service on your iPhone to see if this helps solve the problem.

Go to Settings > VPN > move the toggle next to Status to OFF position.

After disabling the VPN, open the mail application on the iPhone and see if it works now.

Enable mobile data for the mail app

If you are not at home or in the office, the mail application will only work if it allows access to mobile or cellular data on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > Mail > Move the toggle next to Cellular Data to ON position.

Note: If you are traveling and far away from your cellular network coverage area, you may need to enable data roaming to receive emails.

Check device storage space

If there is not enough storage space to hold emails, iPhone will not be able to receive emails.

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > make sure enough Storage space is available.

If there is not enough storage space, you need to work hard to free up storage space on your iPhone.

Check iCloud storage space

Similarly, you need enough storage space in your iCloud storage account to send and receive emails.

Go to Settings > tap on your Apple ID Name > iCloud > Make sure iCloud Storage is not full or near Full.

If there is not enough storage space, you need to work hard to free up iCloud storage space.

Reset all settings

This will reset all settings on your iPhone to the factory default settings without deleting any data from your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > select Reset All Settings option. On the confirmation pop-up, tap on Reset to confirm.

After the iPhone restarts, you must rejoin the WiFi network by entering your WiFi network password.

Remove and reinstall the email application

If the above solutions do not help, the problem may be due to a damaged or corrupted mail application. This can be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the mail application.

Press & Hold on the Mail App Icon and select Remove App option in the drop-down menu.

After removing the Mail App, open App Store > Download & Install the Mail App back on your device. After installing Mail App, you need to Add your Email Accounts to Mail App.

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