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Easeus Todo Backup Home
A software utility that allows you to backup, restore and restore files, create rescue disks and completely erase your hard drive. No matter what application you use to protect your PC, it’s never fully protected. However, backing up your important files and even your drives gives you the chance to start over from a safe place if something goes wrong. EaseUS Todo Backup Home proves that it does just that with multiple tools at your disposal. Back up your computer files, system, and hard drive share them and protect your digital life.

EaseUS believes you’ll only try to back up once it’s a few clicks. The key to a good backup is keeping an exact copy of the original file in a safe place. Todo Backup makes it possible by protecting your data with one click and restoring everything instantly with all the backup features you need for your personal and home office. Lots of backup options. In the main application window, you have access to several tabs with the necessary tools.
One of the first things you’ll notice is the backup types available. You can back up a disk or partition, your entire system, specific files, emails and evenĀ  Android devices. Before starting the process, you can set several options on the fly, such as These include compression that reduces file size at the expense of time, strong password encryption protection, the ability to split large files into volumes, and more. Creating disk or partition clones Further navigation in the main window shows the clone function.
Provides the option to apply it to the entire disk or just one partition. This feature comes in handy when you need to replace your hard drive as it can clone sector by sector so you can’t tell which is which. More security with more tools In addition to the primary backup options, the application offers many other devices. For example, you can configure the tool to run before the operating system and come in handy when the system crashes to work properly and allow the to return to a safe state.
You can also check the integrity of created image files, save a crash disk and even completely erase data from selected partitions. All in all, we can conclude that EaseUS Todo Backup Home can give you an extra sense of security with its powerful toolset. The interface adapts quickly and each process guides you through the process so you don’t get stuck or damage your system instead of protecting it.

Key features:
  • Backup: back up everything on your computer with a few clicks, just choose your data and target location to create a backup task. You have four options to backup: file backup (directories and files), system backup (any Windows system along with user settings, you can create a bootable backup), disk/partition backup, smart backup (backup every 30 minutes, this feature helps you protect data that is frequently changed or updated).
  • Cloud Backup: save your data to EaseUS cloud storage (based on Amazon S3) or your NAS
  • Clone: you can create a full copy of your hard drive, data, system, and settings. It helps you duplicate your operating system to another location to migrate/upgrade a computer. You also can create a Portable Windows USB drive to use wherever you go.
  • Restore: universal restore technology will restore your system/files to any machine regardless of the platform. Just login to your EaseUS cloud account, NAS or browse the backup local storage to migrate systems in minutes.
Supported OS: Windows 11/10/ 8/8.1/ 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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