Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another live-streamed a media event focused on the new devices and gadgets. As expected, the Echo series of voice recognition speakers including a 15-inch smart display and the latest model of the security product Ring were announced. There were also slightly outlandish devices, such as an interactive projector for kids and a home robot on wheels called Astro.

Many of the products announced today reflect synergies between Amazon’s hardware brands. One example is the Ring Alarm Pro, which combines a security system and Wi-Fi router Eero. It also added several products that appear to have been developed to compete directly with popular products in the market, many of which are now sold on Amazon’s site. In addition to high-priced prime membership registration, there are also efforts to guide customers to premium services that incur monthly fees.

Gadgets Introduced By Amazon In This Event:

Smart Thermostat

Amazon’s “Smart Thermostat,” which was created in partnership with Honeywell Homes Inc., functions similarly to others on the market, including Google’s Nest line of products. The device responds to the voice assistant function “Alexa” and determines whether people are at home or not, automatically adjusting the temperature or operating as preset. Dave Limp, Amazon’s vice president of Devices and Services, said at the launch that the company aimed to bring down the price of these products. The price is $59.99.

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another
Smart Thermostat Mounted On The Wall

Echo Show 15

Amazon’s “Echo Show 15” has a 15.6 inch 1080p display screen with an HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which can be either mounted on a wall or placed on its stand. You can view your family’s calendar, view virtual sticky notes, and stream content. A new optional feature, Visual ID, can recognize a user’s face and display personalized content such as recently played music. You can also teach Alexa to recognize sounds, such as the sound you make when you forget to close the refrigerator door. The Echo Show 15 with its remote and stand costs around 230$

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another
Echo Show 15 Display

Halo View Fitness Band

The new Halo View fitness band has a built-in display and looks very similar to its competitor, the Fitbit. The $79.99 wearable doesn’t have a microphone to analyze your emotions, which was found in older models without a display. Amazon has added studio workouts and meal planning tools to Halo’s member services. Membership is included for the first year after product purchase, after which it costs $3.99/month.

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another
Amazon Halo View Fitness Bands

Amazon Glow (Interactive Product For Children)

The Amazon Glow looks like the giant cell phone that investor Gordon Gecko carried in the movie Wall Street. Glow was designed to allow children and adults to play, draw and read together while staying separate.

The idea behind it is that video calls aren’t fun for young children. Adults have to do something with children to keep them occupied with calls and life.

The $249.99 Amazon Glow, which is available by invitation only, includes a year’s worth of the company’s subscription service Kids+, which offers age-appropriate books and other content. After that, the subscription fee is $69 per year for Prime members and $99 per year for non-members. Registered members will have access to virtual books and games such as puzzles that can be played with the included tangram pieces.

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another
A Kid Playing With Amazon Glow

Ring Alarm Pro

Ring Alarm Pro is a product that combines a security base station and a mesh Wi-Fi router Eero.

A lot of it sounds like standard home security, but the Ring Alarm Pro has a secret weapon. Even if there is a power outage or your home’s broadband connection is down, the power will not go off and you can stay online. Starting at $249.99, with Ring Protect Pro starting at $20 per month, you get battery backup plus 3GB of cellular data provided by a third-party carrier. The service also includes Ring’s video storage and Eero’s internet security.

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another
Amazon Ring Alarm Mounted On Wall

Alexa Home Robo Astro

Astro, an Alexa-powered autonomous robot that looks like Wall-E and Eve’s kid from the animated film Wall-E, has arrived. The Astro looks like an Echo Show 10 on a tricycle. It has a 10-inch display, ostensibly the face of a bot, and a cargo bed that can hold up to 4.4 pounds.

Astro can do what Alexa can do. The difference between Astro and Echo is that Astro follows people around the house. It could be a personal security robot like you’d find in a shopping mall, but smaller and much cuter. When you say “Astro”, the display tilts and looks at you.

When the ring sensor or camera detects something, Astro can check its range. When you’re out and about, you can let Astro do regular patrols. It has a periscope with a 12-megapixel camera that can be raised to 42 inches, which is the height of many countertops. Like other Alexa devices, Astro has a privacy button that turns off the microphone and camera. You can also set boundaries so that the robot doesn’t go there when it detects activity.

The battery lasts two hours for video calls, and even longer for small tasks.

Astro robot is available for $999.99 to buy. This is not available for everyone, this is only available exclusively by invitation. Only registered customers are allowed to request a limited number of invitations to buy this.

Amazon Releases New Amazing Gadgets One After Another
Amazon Astro Robot

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